Good Wonderful Wednesday

OH OH OH ummmmm O OHO OH

I had a little bit of a belly ache last night yes I did but I feel almost my doodley waggin tail self again !
Well what happened was that those bunnies in my back yard well left some goodies that I haven’t had in such along time that well I ate too many bunnies left overs Yep and it did a number to my tummy but MOM was home and she took very good care of me

So this morning Mom asked me if I was feeling okay I smiled yep I am just a little bit better I got lots of snuggles this morning ! ! !

I think I learned my lesson about not eating too many Bunny left overs so now that I can roam my backyard I will be better

This morning I went outside with MOM and NOW I was on the trail of the bunny yeah It has scampered out of my yard I made sure I followed that scent all over so we are all safe now !

Hey PUPPY buddies I was woof wooooofing for you all last night Come on OUTSIDE at 8:00 and I’ll give you another secret message but you have to answer back please

Have a whacky Wednesday today

Love ya Willy BABE

Hey Mr. Sunshine   come out today

Hey Mr. Sunshine
come out today


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