Good Happy FRIDAY

Yip Yipppp Yipppeeeee Doodle Day it is Friday so lets all cheer cheer cheer for Friday IS HERE Well it sure took its time in getting here oh my oh my I thought for sure Friday would never Ever Arrive well it just takes so long in getting here we have to go through MONDAY all the way until today oh gheeezzzzzzzzz

So I know I know I didn’t get on my computer yesterday but it was so nice out in the morning I was just a doodle lagadoodling along singing a song just to make my MOM have a wonderful day and SHE DID ! ! ! !

Last night just mom and I walked yeah Dad just took the night off from walking so that meant I got to snifff sniiiiiifffff ahhhhhh not a whole lot more trees just enough ahhhhhhh And also we saw a beautiful sunset hahaha I almost typed sunrise,

So in the afternoon when mom came home I was busy protecting Al’s yard and mine there is a bunny its Peter’s cousin Penelope yes and she just wiggles her whiskers at me hmmmmmm strange bunny ! But anyway I was watching and watching I just wish hmmmmmmm I think maybe tomorrow I have a plan i will just rush out of the door and go and catch me that Penelope Bunny HA HA HA
When we got back from our walk I went over to say hi to my dad and told him what a perfect walk I had had I knew he would want to know so I just kept giving him my paw

Mom went outside and she Said Wilson all the pups are having talk outside well I wanted attention from DAD so I didn’t go out but later on I did and know one was outside hmmmmmm grummmmph I missed out on the talking of my buddies HEY PUPS I”LL MAKE SURE I AM OUT TONIGHT !!

Ooooo tomorrow I get my spring haircut I can’t wait because I am a little shaggy around my eyes

sooooo Have a doodle day dooodle day have a Sunshinning Doodle Day alll Day LONG

Love ya Willy BABE




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