Good Morning Good Morning I know it’s gloomy out this morning and the rain is falling Falling The Rain is Falling ON my Doodle head !

But have no Fear Mr. Wilson is Here to CHeer you UP so CHEER UP CHEER CHEER for the Golden DOODLE Willly BABE Cheer Cheer For the Golden Doodle Willy BABE He has a fluffy tail and beautiful Brown Eyes Cheer Cheer For the Goldendoodle Willy BABE !! !! ! HO HO HO I just like to cheer cheer cheer !
Hey MOM and I grilled out last night was it warm out nah but we will take 48 OH yes we will

Again my Dad walked with us last night too just a wee bit jogging not a lot just a little it was fun but of course MOM is walking sort of fast which I like but I just don’t get to smell so many trees PLUS we went an entirely different way oh my OH MY Noodles in my brain were just scrambling away so of course going a different way I wanted to sniff snifffff sniff but I could not oh well thats life of me My humans want to go go go I would like to take my time and smell those trees and check things OUT

So today is just going to be a wonderful whacky Wednesday because my little critter friends just like to come out very close to my deck the just know that I can only go so far But Wait MY FINE LITTLE CRITTERS SOON and VERY SOON THIS BIG GUY will be able to RUN RUN RUN just like a doodle should

Love ya Willy BABE

I can smell SPRING

I can smell SPRING


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