Fluffy Snowy Friday???

OH OH OH I sure hope not because that means my MOM and DAD will not b e happpyyyyy If it does SNOW eeeeekkkkkkk ! ! ! ! !

So I am just going to keep my paws crossed all day today too ! ! Besides it can’t snow It’s my Human Uncle’s Birthday Day Happy Birthday Uncle EDDIE !!!!!

So after our walk last night MOM was doing some stretching after our walk she says its’ good to stretch out well < I tried to stretch also but MOM"s face kept getting in my way, Yep I was giving her my paw as she was stretching and you know what she said????

Wilson "you have stinky paws" Well I never NEVER would Doodlesy think MY MOM would say I had stinky paws Gruuummmph ! ! ! mOM seriously really I don't get to wear shoes like you do So I kept giving her the old paw right on her face hahahhaha she Laughed then started to play I just love it !!

But also yesterday my MOM went over to my little Girls house Maisy MAy and when she came back oh my doodles I sniffed her entire coat then I smiled OH OH OH Maisy Maisy May I hope soon we all can play in my yard ! ! ! ! !

Well also yesterday mom was grilling and Yes YES YES I have to be on the tie out I tell you once that FENCE is fixed I am giong to run like the doodle wind !
So anyway as Mom and I were in the yard Rocky came by on top of the fence and then he makes that Chiiii Chiii Chiiii sound Really Rocky I don't make fun of you when I chase you up the tree oh doodles Rocky an Peter the Bunny have just beenlaughing in this Big GUYS FACE !!!

Well I must get rolling along

Have a Wonderful Doodley DAY

Love ya Willy BABE Happy Birthday


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