Good Morning Goooood MORNING

Stop STOP all of this gloominess I am done DONE I doodley SAY let that sun come in I know its’ hiding somewhere but I have no DOODLENESS idea where it is I really don’t ! !

Hmmmmm maybe if WEll I still can’t run around in my backyard NOPE I Can’t hmmmmmm because If I could I would find Mr Sunshine Sunshine I know your hiding hiding HIDING but please my flowers would grow and I would be oh so very very DOODLEY happy then I could chase those bunnies away,

OH Yes do you know that one bunny Peter well he can go in Al’s yard and MINE and I can’t reach him NOPE and I really think he knows that because he is happily sitting by one of my trees and eating grass looking at me and smirking oh I can tell my Doodle radar is always going Like when Mom or Dad go into the kitchen I just wait wait then Waaaaa LA the cheese is out of that big cooler in the kitchen I always hurry up and just sit oh so handsomely.

So on Tuesday MOM took me for a walk and oh my OH MY the wind was oh so strong on our face but that was okay really because we turned down a street and no wind but then OH DODOLES you’ll never guess what was falling from the sky SNOW those pesky little flakes hitting my MOM”S face then pletting my fur Yes It was awful but we finished our walk MOM Had to brush me off a few times but we made it

SO last night it was drizzling out oh sure it was might ucky out but COME on MOM was able to walk me with snow but not with rain, ?????? Hmmmmmmmm

I think mom needs a rain coat oh I know I would be very damp oh doodles

I sure hope tonight we can walk so in the Mean time think SPRINGY thoughts
Love ya
Willy BABE




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