Good Morning Good Morning

Oh sure it’s cold but you have too look on the bright side of the sunshine because soon and very soon that sunshine will be warming this big guy up I’ll be laying on my deck ahhhhhhh I”ll be able to chase that bunny that comes in my yard OOOOoooOOO that bunny I think knows I can’t go and chase it Yes I do because well I’ll tell ya.

Yesterday I saw him in Al’s yard hmmmmm MOM MOM let me out Let me OUT hurry Hurry she saw what I was looking at and LAUGHED Laughed well of course I thought she would not put that tie out on me and I could run over to Al’s and chase and protect his yard ! But not my MOM she remembered aw doodle shucks .

So I did the best I could do to warn everyone else I wooof Wooof WOOOOOOOF WOOF WOOF that silly ole bunny just looked at me and I think it was laughing too ! ! some day SOME day I’ll be able to run in my backyard well it still is pretty mucky in the back of the fence area just have to be patient !

OOOO do you know how hard it is to be patient for a doodle HUH it is soo very hard ! ! !

OH well it is a doodlicous kind of day for me because MOM says its getting lighter out now so we can go for longer walks now YIPPPPPPEEEEE doodle doodle

Well gotta get going
Have a Tremendous Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Yep MOM  I'll not go into that yard next door again !

Yep MOM I’ll not go into that yard next door again !


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