Happy Monday

Well oh Well what a weekend this was ! ! I had fun fun fun not that I am still a fluffy doodle Doodle Doodle .

When MOM came home on Friday we played and played and took a chilly walk Friday Night. But on Saturday oh my doodles Mom and DAd took me out with them in fact I had so much fun running up and down the stairs at this house we were at it was super Doodle Cool, I met two other pups Billy, and Bailey, Bailey was checking me out too make sure I was okay, he liked me after a bit,

I loved being petted and told how fluffy I am that was cool, but at night time oh my doodles the other two pups were laying down, so I took a look out the window all of a sudden I went gruuuf grru woof wooof wooof then the two other pups came by me, what the heck they said Wilson we dont see anything oh but I knew there was something oh yes there was, someone took me out side just to check and NOPE I was wrong, well what the doodles my doodle radar must of been off just a bit, or did I just want extra attention by the window, well I was looking all by myself and the only way I knew to get the other guys attention was to woof woof wooof.

Ha HA HA yesterday was just a relaxing kinda day so I didn’t walk until the afternoon, when the sun was shinning even if it was for a few minutes I walked with MOM and saw buster and then this little one barking at me Hmmmmmm sorry little one but you scare me with that bark I told it.
So this other thing is super cool Karen called MOM and they were talking on Video Chat so I got to see my human sister, but dad oh my Silly DAD I was standing by the door wanting to go out DAD forgot to put that tie out on my colar he ha hahhhhaaaa so MOM is looking out the window ooops she laughs to Karen Wilson is by Al’s pool ha ha ha so my Dad called me huh DAD it’s too sort of nice to go out and I am free from that tie out so I just wanted to check out the poool. NO of course not I didn’t go in it but MOM came out called my name and said Wilson Karen wants to talk to you I stopped looked at mom then Gallopped home ahhhhhhh mmmmmmm not too exciting at Al’s anyway no pups to play with,

Mom keeps wandering when that fence will be fixed but for ME I am glad Dad forgets to tie me out occasionally it’s pretty cool having two yards to run in

Have a very Marvelous Monday

Love ya Willy BABE

No Worries it will warm up soon

No Worries it will warm up soon


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