Friday ahhhh

OH It is a Fluffy fluffy Friday Friday FRIDAY it is a fluffy FRIDAY and I am lovin the sun shinning THe Sun Shining The Sun Shinning I am lovin the Sun Shinning because it makes me feel fluffy

So it was raining and raining and raining yesterday so NOT only didn’t I go for a WAlk dAD REMEMBERED TO PUT ME ON THE TIE OUT at lunch time, oh yes he forgot on Wednesday so it was funny because I was like hmmmmmmm Okay well I am not going to tell DAD so I took a walk next door and checked out a few things in the guy next door yard yes I did well wouldn’t you???

I was like ahhhhh MOM isn’t home so she didn’t catch that I was next door then all of a sudden I heard Dad say “Will, willy where are you so I thought well I peaked over here I am DAD” so I trotted back home ha ha ha It was great , maybe that fence doesn’t need to be fixed and I can just keep on going next door for awhile.

I have that big HUGE pond in the backyard because of all of the rain we have been getting so I am sure Doodly sure MOM would of kept me on a tie out just so I would not go in the mud gheeez no mud bath for me in a while.

Hey is it APRIL already???? Hmmmmmm so if It’s April why are we expecting SNOW SNOW gheeeeezzzzz come on I don’t want snow I just want SUNSHINE and to be able to run and run and run

Have a Fluffy Fantastic FRIDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Just resting on this April 1st day

Just resting on this April 1st day


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