Well, now I am all rested up from my vacay yes indeed well, I will tell you yesterday I did nothing YEP YE YEP well since my squirrel friend has free range of my entire yard because I still can’t roam free in my backyard yet grummmmph ! ! ! ! grummmph! ! Then my MOM oh thanks MOM she reminded me that I probably would be on that tie out because it is so very muddy and murky in the back part of my yard

Gheeee thanks MOM grummmph ! ! ! but MOM also said that hopefully soon it will dry out and I can run run like a doodle should ! that made my tail wag a lot !

Want to know what I love a lot well, I’ll tell you so get ready for some doodley excting stuff well. …. Mom and I walked well of course we walk alot but ….. this was different because …… when we left my house it was light outside and the bestest doodle part of this is that it still was light out when we got home so I probably wont have to wear my light much longer ! ! yippppeeee Doodley DOOODLE !

Mom still wore her long coat because it was still a bit chilly but oh my doodles and there were a whole bunch of humans out last night too ! !

Spring is in the air oh everywhere you loook Spring is in the air the little pups are noticing me more oh I Love Spring Spring Spring so you see that is why I want to run the doodle I am in my yard so I can see my Girls Mocha and Julia ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Have a wonderful Whacky doodle Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Give me a high 5 for SPRING

Give me a high 5 for SPRING


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