Good Morning


Don’t worry Don’t worry I waS JUST taking a little vacation at my favorite resort oh yes I was and at my resort I get to play and play oh so much and Meet so many other puppies it is so much fun I was sort of sad when my mom dropped me of yes My ear was hurting me I just was not myself but I cheered up once that medicine kicked in to help me out so I was much more happier and my tail was waggin oh so much.

but. my neighbor has not fixed his fence yet so I still have to be on that tie out Julia my sweet I can’t be by the fence for awhile I am so sorry , but MOM thinks I would run into my neighbors yard heee hee and she is so right I would do that too !! Because on Saturday before we left for vacation I did oh boy and I didn’t listen when Mom called my name but DAD came out WILSON ooops better go!

And now MOM heard on the news that a flu bug for us guys is going around oh gheeeez so no running at the park for me for awhile besides it is muddy

Oh my doodles and it is so nice just to lay on my sofa ah how I love doing that ! ! ! !

OOOppps gotta get moving along Mom is still on vacation oh not really but I can tell she is still so very relaxed just like ME

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Love ya


So good to be HOME

So good to be HOME


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