OH MY OH MY it’s here It’s here finally Happy St PATRICKS DAY

Well we have a slight problem here Mr. Leperachun the wind was sooo strong that it blew down part of my neighbors fence, hmmmmm if MOM just lets me go out I thought I could run and see my buddies hmmmmm but NOOOOoooOOO MOM put me on a tie out but WAIT a doodle minute.
there was a pup that came to visit me and I don’t know who it was it came right on MY DECK hmmmmm then MOM walked it over to another house, oh gheeezz a doodle

Just not fair so mom put me outside on my tie out grummmph grummmph but I kept getting stuck on the fence so instead of a double tie out I only have a single one, grummmmph

Last night no walk again and you would think seriously that MOM would walk me seeing that it was windy How cool would it of beenfor me to be flapping my ears and my tail waggin without me waggin it HA HA HA MOM MOM

She said after school today that she would walk me yea i am trying to tell them well last night I put my self up to the table with my two paws and licked the soup out of mom dinner bowl gheeeez come on you would of done that too!! It was French ONION soup one ofmy favorites expect I burp heee heee

Well have a wonderful St Patricks dAY

May the sun shine, all day long, everything go right, and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you andmay all the wishes you wish come true

Hmmmmm another doodle perhaps !!

Love ya Willy BABE

mmmmm have a great day

mmmmm have a great day


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