Good Morning

OH OH OH I am running late again what is this Running late business you ask wellllll . …. It is gloomy outside and raining and plus those silly ducks in my neighbors pool well they are just so much fun to watch as the quack quack quack

HAHA H only kidding but doodlness I am so wondering what is going on???/ MOM didn’t walk me yesterday I guess she has things to do for this trip she is going to take OOOo I forgot to tell you ha ha ha Yep Yep Yep

OOOo I know I am all over the place but do you know what tomorrow is TOMOOROOW is St Patrick Day where all of us doodles finally get to catch that leperachun oh yes we do ! ! ! ! Now if only MOM would not mind me going into our pond ! Oh but that MOM watches over me just like a MOM would Now we also have a river flowing the entire length of our fence and a Huge POND on my would my cousin Maisy love that one to swim in hmmmmmm I’ll have to message her aND SEE if she can come on over this afternoon and we can take a mud bath together.

So I have to get going I just want to leave you with this little Irish Saying

Life is like a treat It’s all in how you ask ! ! ! ! ! MOM TREAT TIME

Have a marvelous leperachun whatch day

Love ya Willy BABE

Leperachun watch today

Leperachun watch today


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