So for the weekend I had my HUMAN sister home and my favorite cousin Maisy oh sure I know I have other cousins but Maisy oh my doodles there is know on like her I tell ya

They came on Saturday well MOM said look out for them so I looked and looked but nothing hnmmmmmm I think MOM is teasing me but wait oh wait what do I see I see Karen’s little white car turning oh yes MOM MOM Karen is here oh doodles quick quick open up the door come one you guys what the doodles the door bell rings HI HI HI come on Maisy outside lets go lets go !

HA HA HA see that is my doodle trick I greet Maisy get her outside then Ahhhhhh I have my human sis all to my self yes I do I come back in and I get my head scratched and snuggled by Karen NOt for long I have to get back out doors. We had fun running and running and more running
So MOM and Karen go shopping leaving me and Maisy with dad which is good because DAD likes to give us treats .

We have our lake in our back yard from all of the snow I try to stay out of it expect of course when I can sniiif snifff Julia and I have to go and say hi
So MOM and Karen come back from shopping We are in the back yard playing Mom bought us each a new toy well I have Maisys and she has mine but any doodle way we were playing and playing Mom got her boots on well it is mucky in the yard and she is rubbing my belly and playing then all of a sudden My cousin Maisy decides to take a MUD bath

UH Maisy we don’t have a pond in the back yard but she just plops in the mud and tries to swmin oh my doodles I just smiled I knew if I did that well I would be really really muddy and MOM would not be happy at all

Silly Girl Maisy well I guess girls like mud baths me not so much

OHmy I have to goo

I’ll write more tomorrow

Have a marvelous MONDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

First one to where the squirrel is  a fluffy dog

First one to where the squirrel is a fluffy dog


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