Happy Happy

OOOOOOOOooooooOOO IT”S FRIDAY oh my Doodles FRIDAY Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just can’t believe that FRIDAY is Finally here It will be a fabulous FRDIAY oh yes it will I mean really FRIDAY come on it’s FRIDAY OK OK OK

OH MY OH MY I almost forgot On Wednesday night when MOM and I walked you will never guess who I bumped into I was just a waggin and awaggin my fluffy tail in fact I ran up into my little girls driveway to say HI HI HI oh doodles I gave it away

Yes I saw my little Maisy May girl oh my I sure did miss her and I think she missed me too we almost kissed but, …… we didn’t we sure did enjoy sniffing and sniffing some more oh my little one soon we will be able to romp and stomp in the backyard not just yet a little muddy you know.

Last Night mom and I just looked up and the stars and the moon as we walked I must say I am glad that snow has gone I don’t get any of those snowballs on my paws which is a good thing I did NOT like those SNOW balls at all I say.

So last night mom and I noticed a lot more on the grass on the sidewalk all over and sure i have sniffed that bush before but MOM says go ahead and sniff it again oh my doodles I could of walked in the street too last night MOM was just so happy to be outside walking with me and not slipping and sliding on the ice whiooooosh so glad that is done with.

So tonight I think depends my human sister is coming home and my cousin BIG Maisy is coming too SO I have to get ready for play play and more playtime with my buddy oh doodles I hope she will be excited to see me too !!

Have a Very HappyFRIDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Lots of tug of war this weekend with my Maisy

Lots of tug of war this weekend with my Maisy


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