Good Morning Goooood Morning

Wake up Wake up Hurry Hurry Hurry whooooosh good your awake ! ! ! ! !

Well i was just checking because My MOM has some sleepy eyes this morning so I just thought OH thats Okay she is awake NOW I was starting to chase a bunny and whoooosh it went under the fence almost had him and I think it was my friend Peter the bunny not really sure because I wooofed first wooof wooof I really don’t want to catch him I just like to pretend that I am a big toughie sometimes.

When all in all I am just a big fluffy guy that likes hugs and snuggles shhhhhhh don’t tell the ladies in my neighborhood that will ruin my rep

so last night my MOM didn’t walk me why oh why not sure something about getting her hair cut hmmmmm MOM really your not even leaving on your vacay yet but mom said something that she just had to gruuuumph
But when MOM came home oh boy I just snuggled right up to her dad said I really missed mom and gheeez a doodle I sure did !

When mom was home after work we went outside and I checked the fence for Julia boy oh boy I think I do like the water by my fence only if MOM would not stop me from going to say Come on It’s been a long winter and I haven’t really seen my girls in a while MOM ! ! !

Oh doodles tonight MOM said we will walk YEAH

Have a wonderful Whacky Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE


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