Good Morning

Ahhhhh so I went outside and I heard the birds singing and flying over my backyard and then Ilook by the gate and there he is standing oh so perfectly

Peter the bunny rabbit I think he thought he could hop on down my bunny trail NO NO NO I don’t think so ! ! hOPPING DOWN my trail the only one that can hop I believe is ME oh sure I can hop i always hop when I am pretending not to listen to MOM and she says Wilson Wilson lets go Hmmmmmm see MOM always tells me when we are doing something so when she says LET”S goo I know that we aren’t going awy where she is

HA HA AH I am up to my MOM”s tricks so anyway Peter the Bunny has been living under my deck all winter long and sure he has been leaving some goodies but really Peter the Bunnny it’s really time for my friend charlie the leperachun yes he has been showing his face around my house well right now he is just standing on my porch man that guy doesn’t move only at night when I have to woof wooof and tell him to getback get on back to the porch goofy leperachun

Hey MOM and I took a marvelous walk its’ so nice not to have to worry about slipping on ice ahhhhh LOVE IT

OOOOOPs gotta get moving along oooooo Mom says I am having a visitor this weekend


Loveya willy Babe

Where is that leperachun?

Where is that leperachun?


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