Good Morning

Monday Really???/ OH come on MONDAY could you not of waited just a few more hours???? OH MY OH MY Monday Monday OH I am not so sure if I am liking MONDAY at all !!

But I do have to say it HAS BEEN a lovely doodle weekend with my HUMANS and Guess what???? well MOM and I always take a walk on Saturday afternoon, well this Saturday DAD came with us I just had to wag my fluffy tail that DAD was coming which meant I checked my noodley brain we were going for an adventure on our walk OH DOODLES HA HA AH

MOM wasn’t quite so sure why I was so happy happy happy Why oh Why you ask?? Well because I was with my HUMAN DAD and I had a sneaky doodle idea we were headed to the trial OH YES ! ! Mom doesn’t really go on the trail this early in the year but DAD ahhhh Adventure here we come !

My Dad dropped my leash and away I went running and smelling and running some more ahhhhh well of course I had to stop occasinaly because I had to make doodle double sure my humans were following me ah HA they were so off I went it was so much fun to run and play on the snowy trail ! ! !

Well I ate something on the trail that I should not of so I had to find some grass and waaaa LA I was better then OH doodles it was fun

I was sort of confused last night DAD went for a run and Hmmmmm DAD???/ your not taking me so I just kept looking out the window for him he wasn’t coming so I went in the back to lay on the deck. DAD DAD oh you should of taken me I hope you know where u are going???? Then all of a sudden he was home again !

Ahhhhh I love this time of the year also because I have my small lake in our backyard ahhhhhhh

Oooops gotta get moving along

OOOOOo those silly noodles I almost forgot I got to see my Human Brother Jack on Skype along with Liz, Reef, and Jasmine ahhh then later on Bob oh what fun it is to skype on a Sunday Evening

So have a Marvelous MONDAY
Love ay Willy BABE

Time for a nap

Time for a nap


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