Good Morning

Happy Happy March

You are my wonderful sunshine where oh where are you I love basking in that sunshine oh sunshine please come out today, You are my sunshine I love my doodle sunshine I like to bask on my deck when its sunny But, the sunshine isn’t there right now so MOM says I should stay inside, grummmmph

So HI guess what it isMARCH and its suppose to roar like a lion ????? HUH I just don’t understand that can’t March just come in like a DOODLE???

Of course March is a lot of excitement for this BIG GUY OH YES I have my big Human brothers Birthday this week and then St Paddy’s day and then its Spring Break and then those squirrels will be coming in my yard, well actually one was in my yard this MORNING oh yes there was !

i was looking out into my yard at 6:00 am then all of a sudden my tail was wagging I looked at MOM she smiled MOM this is Serious business there is a SQUIRREL on the fence, well MOM laughed took her time and opening up the deck doors OH GHEEZ MOM hurry hurry, so she opens up the blinds opens up the door but first she tells me to SIT before I go out MOM MOM Hurry Hurry there is a SQUIRRELLLLLLLL and I think its ROCKY my friend ! ! !

So all of a sudden open up the door and Whoooooosh gallopped over to the fence and it was ROCKY ROCKY hey pal how you doing?? NO NO I will not try to get you I just wanted to SAY RUF RUF HI how was your winter, OH YEA I have to make it look good LIKE IM protecting the yard well YOU know the HUMANS they are watching me Yep MOM likes to see me gallopp ok so lets make this look good I’ll ruff wooof woof then you go away OK says ROCKY so I woof wooof and awayyyyy Rocky went.

OOOO boy I almost well I did get caught MOM left a napkin on the table last night well of course I love napkins So I stepped up to the table looked left and right whoooosh no humans then I jumped up to grab that napkin then WILSON uh oh I was caught sorry

Hey have a wonderful day

Spring is almost here

Love ya Willy BABE

just a few more days and SPRING WILL BE HERE

just a few more days and SPRING WILL BE HERE


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