Oh my do you know what day this is IT is a Delicious Wednesday yes oh yes those bunnies have been in my yard a lOT and last night oh yes I had to woof wooooof ruf ruff ruff them away !
Yes it was late at night OH yeah thats right mom says I should say I am sorry so here it is RUFFF RUUFF RUF RUF

so now for my Wednesday news oh yes ! ! ! Wednesday so last night as mom and I were walking and we were walking fast so that means I wasn’t able to sniff snifff as many snow piles as I would like to Well for one Doodle thing they are melting MELTING oh my I can’t wait until they all MELT away Melt away the snow piles will melt away in the next few days, So put on your doodle boots and wait for those puddles and my Lake in the back yard oh yes I can hardly wait for my lake to come.

But we all now that I am not particular about putting my paws into that cold water so I know MOM always watches me YELLS my name well not really yells she just stops me short AH HA she does Expect for when my sweet Julia is by the fence ahhhhhhh soon oh so very soon Julia and I will touch noses again at the fence.

Last night I am happy to report that MOM only slipped twice , okay she should not of slipped at all but …… it was sort of melting last night then when we walked well you know the rest of the Story reported by ME Willy Babe Doodlekins

HA HA HA HA so now I am waiting once again to also see Rocky the Squirrel I haven’t seen him in a while OOOOOOo also last night as we were walking I noticed a furry creature that wasn’t moving by a tree mom just HAPPENED to NOTICE at the SAME TIME so you know what that means YES YES YES I didn’t get a close up and personal look oh doodles that is my LIFE MOM always seems to stop me very quickly oh well.

OOOOPPPPSSS seeing that it is Wednesday I want to wish everyone a very Wonderful Whacky Whisful Wednesday !!

Happy Day Love ya willy BABE

Where is the SUN????

Where is the SUN????


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