Good Morning


Well I must say I had a fantastic surprise over the weekend I met a new friend named Sammy well at first I was like SAMMY???? hmmmm but he was a good guy about the same, he liked to play and wrestle so we were good buddies, but….. he got picked up before me oh doodles thats okay I knew mom and dad were coming soon because I had a bath, oh YES I did mom always gives me a bath right before she comes to get me

OH doodles was I in for another surprise DAD also came to get me and oh my this is a good one I was able to sit in the front seat with MOM I squished her but oh doodles what else was I suppose to do Dad and MOM were in Dad’s car so I had to sit with mom and oh doodles there were a few turns that I just leaned into mom well I knew MOM missed me and needed a big doodle snuggle.

Hey MOM and I had a doodleful Friday off together we went for a walk and snuggled the only thing was on my list was those treats I didn’t get as many as this BIg Doodle would of liked oh doodles thats okay.

Also no walk for me last night either but I forgave MOM it was okay I played with DAD and Also I had to find MOM last night she was upstairs oh doodles I think oh I know well MOM and DAD are going to put in new flooring again this weekend that means I will be ignored OH NO Just Doodling around with you.

Mom and Dad did tell me that they sang happy Birthday to my big human on Saturday night and had cake Wait ??? what about me I got DOODLE NOTHING grummmph

oh well I think we will make up for it right MOM?????

Love ya

Willy BABE

 I am ready for SPRING !

I am ready for SPRING !


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