Fluffy Friday FANTASTIC

OH Yes it is FRIDAY oh my Doodles Friday is FINALLY HERE

We love Fridays oh yes we do well for one MOM is home and she said we can snuggle so round 1 of snuggles happened now if I just remember I think my noodles in my brain will kick in one minute do do do do la la la la la la al OH Yes Treats I did mention something to mom about treats so so os MOM????

Where oh where are my treats MOM??? What you say it’s too early well I think it is never to early to have a treat oh yeah I got a dental chew but hmmmm that really doesn’t count MOM MOM are you listening “Yes Wilson I am ” well that is good because I thought maybe you were day dreaming about well about anything just like me

Yeah sometimes I can just lay on the floor and just dream that I am chasing those silly bunnies and I let out a little bbllll blllll well of course i am not chasing bunnies in my sleep just pretending WEll of course I just sit out on my deck and wait and wait expect for that one bunny that lives under my deck if you can believe that he was vary daring one day well I wasn’t outside I was inside the house he came up on my deck hmmmmm silly bunny the deck is for ME

So today is Friday and we get to have more fun than a doodle can handle,

we went outside for a walk last night we didn’t go very far because those nasty little snow stuff was falling from the sky and hitting my mom’s face so we had to cut short our walk, gheeezzz a doodle

OOOOo and did you know that last night was National WINE NIGHT well, I asked MOM when will it be National Doodle DAY hmmmmmm
Mom is thinking about that one so I guess I will just have to have Daily Doodle Days ha ha ha

Well we must get moving along round 2 of snuggles will be coming very soon

Happy HappyFRDIAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Round 2 coming very soon

Round 2 coming very soon


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