Good Morning

OH OH OH Mom just told me that today is her last work week day YEAH she has tomorrow off Yippeeeeee ! ! ! ! Oh that mom I think she was going to surprise me tomorrow morning but oh my Fluffy ears hear everything I heard her talk to my DAD oh Doodle Yipppeeeeeee doodley doo ! ! ! !

Now just what will we doo oh my there are a million and 3 doodle things we can do first off I think we will need some snuggling time, walk time, treat time, snuggling time, treat time, walk maybe at the park, but its suppose to rain treat treat treat

Mmmmmmm did I mention I think tomorrow should be a treat treat treat day ??!??!?!?!?

Well of course and the weather is going to be warm and maybe just maybe my buddies will be outside b ut BUT the only think once it gets warm

Doodle Lake appears in my backyard yep it does so…….. but I can still wooof ruff ruff to e veryone just Please guys come on lets bark back and forth and see what we all have been doing OH i know what a few of you have been up to! Yes I do I hear it through the grapevine just how much fun you are having and plus when I walk (we didn’t walk last night) nOpe we didn’t and MAN oh Doodles we will walk tonight ! ! !

Oh ghezzzzz where does my time to go????/ MOM says tomorrow will be a special treat kind of day I think she got my HINT HINT HINT

have a wonderful Thursday
Love ya willy BABE

Please Please snow go AWAY

Please Please snow go AWAY


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