Good Morning

Helooo How are you Hellooooo I am doing pretty good I tell you I am so enjoying this warmer weather high in the 80’s ahhhhhh and the birds singing the trees swaying in the breeze MOM sitting on the deck relaxing with me ahhhhhh then all of a sudden “WILSON” “WILSON” I am ready for a walk !!

MOM MOM I was just dreaming and you woke me up oh doodles It was a wonderful doodley dream !

But ahhh dreams have to end so when MOM says LET”S walk I amm up and doodle lets go see yesterday when she came home I wasn’t quite sure but ahhh HA there we go we had to walk on the street a lot because the sidewalk was slippery but . …. On one of the sidewalks hummmmmm what do I see OH MY doodles I can’t believe it I almost hit the BUnny Turd jackpot YEP I DID oh my then MOM of course spots them and just said NO NO NO Of course I looked at her gave her that doodlish smile I like to give my MOM NAH it didn’t work, I had to stay closer to her side GhEEEEZZZZZ

Please Please let me have a bunny turd please please they are so so so yummY????? NAh they aren’t but I just like to make sure mom is taking notice of what I see ! OH DOODLES she sees a LOT

the other night we walked and I think MOM and I were the only ones walking Plus it was little errie outside too booooooOOOOOoooo not like Halloween but very very errie ! then all of a sudden mom SHRIEKS EEEEEKK it was a MOUSE MOM saw a little mouse on someone snow mound I tried to get it MOM says NO NO

OH doodles what is MOM so afraid of?????? oh well One mouse saved !

So also do you know that yesterday when we got home from our afternoon walk it was LIGHT out side oh yes !!

OOOo I am sorry pups I tired to talk with you this morning woof wooof ruf ruf ruf where are you guys Where oh Where are my PUPS Oh where can u be I want to play MOM says its too cold OH where oh when can we play????/

Have a wonderful doodle kind of a day !

Love ya Willy BABE

I am READY for the warmth of the sun

I am READY for the warmth of the sun


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