Good Morning

Well oh Well its MOnday Morning Well oh well it is I had a very Happy Weekend I am sure you did too!!!

But I wish MONDAY could just wait a few more minutes I am just not ready to start moving along singing my song all day LONG and what song will I sing today Hmmmmmmmm Not so sure but I will give it a try !

OH OOOOO OH I love the weekend weekend weeknd seeing Saturdays Make me SMile MOM and DAD are home all weekend and I sometimes get a few extras’

Mom and Dad Mom andDAD make delicious breakfasts expect this Saturday it was Dad’s turn and he made and Apple Pancake Yummmmmmm Yum and I got few extra apple slices yummmm But today I know it was Monday I didn’t get any apple slices at ALL I even sat so handsomely waiting waiting NOTHING I got Nothing this MORNING Dad didn’t make any pancakes at all Gheez a doodle I know I was good but I got nothing but a HUG Which I am not complaining but really j REALLY Dad always sometimes has a pancake on MONDAY Hummmmmph !!

But I did get a haircut on Saturday and I feell Fine I looke great but I dind’t have a date Hrummph On VALENTINES Day it was cold so MOM thinks the girls just stayed inside which she is probably late but DONT” Worry Ladies I still love ya all

OOOPs Gotta get moving along waggin my tail all day long

Love ya Willy BABE

I'm ready for SPRING

I’m ready for SPRING


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