Good Day

Good Day Goood Day please hug your fluffy friend Good Day Good Day fluffiness is my key !
OH MY Doodles

You a all know how much I love being outside I just like to sit on my deck and just check out the neighborhood, but last night birrrdoodley it was cold and even MOM was so surprised that I kept going out then coming almost right away, well it could not be exactly right away I had some sniffing to do especially by the pine tree just in case Mr. Bunny was hiding, Then of course I would put my paws on the bench on the deck and Woof Woooooof Woof to my hearts content, I even thought I howled just a bit to see if anyone was outside !

Grummmmph ! Not one four legged friend was out Gheeez come on guys I miss you all my fluffy tail needs some waggin !

But, MY mom last night was trying to brush me and comb me well yes Of course I need a bit but come on MOM a least she could of walked me first but I guess she was cold and it was soooo cold out that I didn’t even want to walk which is not normal for me !

Mom kept on trying and trying to comb me see I have to get groomed on Saturday which MOM is going to be freezing cold out well of course I am inside for my grooming but I just need a bath MOM yes I am smelling like a well I am no going to say that word

So today when I when I stepped oh so carefully outside I was just hopeful that it was 80 degreees outside butr NOOOOOoooo it wasn’t MOM Dad time to go somewhere warm lets go GO GO

Have a great Friday and STAY WARM

Love ya Willy BABE

Hey  Hey Hey  It's FRIDAY

Hey Hey Hey


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