Good Morning

OH MY OH MY I guess I was wrong ohhohohoh I just don’t know what to say that OOOPS this big guy made a mistake yep I did

I really really Doodley thought because my fluffy tail was always wagging that it was going to get WARM outside really I did MOM and I were walking at night time oh my then all of a sudden Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrrrr it is cold and I have no doodle idea why oh why no ONE outside expect me and those bunnies hiding under my deck.

So last night I think I got them from under the deck well of course I was woof Woof wooofing at them and I believe they are gone ha ha ha, but maybe not they do need a place to keep warm That is what mom told me OH Okay but I am still going to Woof Woof at them just so those bunnies no that I am here.

I like being outside MOM well MOM likes to stay cozy warm like this morning she went outside to put those cans on the curb well, Heck she put her coat on I thought for sure we were walking k grummmmphn grummph ! ! Of course I know its Thursday and MOM is going to work but A doodle can hope right???

when MOM came in she gave me a big hug she said she needed some doodle hugs ! ! Yea I am glad I can help out my MOM And MOM also told me that ON Saturday I am getting a hair cut hmmmmmm she is calling me MOPPY Head hmmmmm MOM????? Mopppy Head not sure if I like that one but thats okay MOM is just trying jto make me smile !

So all you doodles out there watch out for those HUMANs that want to give you a hair cut Yes I am a little moppy but I like it hmmmmm Maybe it means that it will start to get warm outside Keeping my paws crossed.

Love ya Willy BABE

I'm ready for SPRING

I’m ready for SPRING


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