Good Morning

Oh its MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

EEEEKKKSKSKSKSKS Monday ???!?!?!?!? NO NO NO okay lets not doodley panic A lot of good things can happen on a MONDAY MY HUMAN Cousin might have her baby today awwwwww So my cousin SaSAHA Will have a little one to snuggle with !!

Also it was a Marvelous MONDAY when MOM came home on Friday we went out for a walk ahhhh it was great and the bestest of all?????

It was light out until at least 5 30 oh doodles doodles and the birds are starting to sing oh my oh my they are flying all over my backyard in my trees
andlanding on my fence it is a great day

OOOO on Saturday MOM can you believe this was busy working on the checkbook UH UH UH So I just gave her the doodles eyes I’m watching you please take me for a walk , MY doodle eyes Are trying to give you a hint so please PLEASE give me a walk AGH MOM MOM yes Wilson?? MOM MOM the sun is shinning lets go lets go for a walk for a walk for a walk lets go for a walk on this SUnny SATURDAY OH Of course Wilson lets go

so off we went to take a walk ahhhhh perfect expect we had to walk on the street MOM slid three times so on the street we went Plus we also walked late in the afternoon tooo Seeee Saturdays are so much fun !!

OOOOo gotta run it is Monday and all so I have to rest up it’s hard entertaining the humans when they are home

Spring is soon
Love you Willy BABE




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