Fluffy Friday

Ahhhhy Fluffy fluffy friday FRIDAY Friday ahhhhhhhhhhh can you feel it ahhhhhhhhhhhhh FRDIAY

I just love LOVE LOVE this day love this day love this I just love love this day because I just do!

So yesterday MOM came home and she went and got my leash and a light just in case it was getting dark ahhhh I just love when I get these surprises from MOM it makes my Tail wag and wag some more ! !

And we went far I just wish that some people would get that ice of the sidewalk I had to go into the snow so my paws would not get cold if we broke the ice and we did break some ice ha ha ha

So today I think I do sometimes even though I have noodles stuck in my wonderful fluffy hair ahaha I mean brain oh MY I can tell it is the end of the week heee eeee
I think I should dance do you know that if you dance your human might just dance with you oh yes MOM can stomp her feet pretty good especialy if we are outside that is where she stomps the best ! ! with the snow in the backyard it is sort of hard to stomp

OOO this morning I had a bone my MOM gave me but she would not let ME ME go outside with it I think its’because when I didn’t know any better I ate the whole bone yes I got sick so I know I know mom is just protecting me from not feeling well.

soooo all of this snow I just love but it’s crunchy and hard to run in but today hmmmmmm if rocky shows up I think I can run and greet him and say GET UP that TREE


Have an awesome FRIDAY

LOVe YA willy BABE

Gotta rest today It's Friday never know what I'll do when MOM gets home

Gotta rest today It’s Friday never know what I’ll do when MOM gets home


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