Good day my doodles friends and everyone !!!

Happy Doodle DAy to you Happy Doodle Day to YOU Happy Happy Happy Happpy I am so very happy ! !

Yesterday I got on my MOM”s computer and tried to type and I did but MOM had to leave she was like Willy BABE I goota go MOM””” It’s is February 1st I have to tell my buddies that SPRING IS just around the corner what will they do if I don’t let them know ????? HUHHHHH ! ! !

So now today is February 2nd instead of Ground hog day it is DOODLE day can you see your fluffy tail day ! Yep so look for a little sun and see if YOU can see it wag ! !

OOOO doodles MY MOM is home today so that is why Im so late in writing plus oh my we just were lazy this morning !

I have to let you know about last night mom went to YOGA yea I think I should go with her sometimes oh well, as soon as she got into the house DAD said Wilson needs a walk DAD I could Of done that beside MOM already told me we were going to walk ! ! Just because I was ruf ruffing Woof WOOOF in the backyard !

OH well I knew MOM wanted to walk she had her smile on her face so she ran upstairs to change into her walking jeans thats HOW I always know too SHE wears different jeans oh doodles so I waited doodle dood doodle dooo dooodle dooodle doood dod do do yes I like to hummmm
FINALY MOM come on Willy BABE lets go well did we have fun such a beautiful night the stars were out it was cool but some of the sidewalks were slippery andthese high school boys walked past us they saw mom slip but well actually I wanted to smell one Doodle particular snow mound then these guys yell SQUIRREL, well I know these guys by names the squirrels of course gheeezzzzz

So now today MOM went quickly to the store then she came home and we went for a 4 mile walk ahhhhh

Went to play inthe back yard I did my doodle doodle romping stompin dance for MOM too ! ! she laughed we got my soccer ball but you know it’s hard to kick a semi frozen soccer ball so mom just through it in the air that was
Julia came outside so I ran to say HI then all of a sudden those snow flakes are falling NOW I KNOW why MOM is off today al of this snow oh my doodles it is snowing snowing snowing little snow flakes falling all around !

Well gotta get moving along to see what mom is doing in the kitchen hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smells yummmmmmmmmmy !

Have a great snowy day !
Willy BABE

snow day

snow day


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