Friday Friday o I love this day I really really think that when MOM comes home we will go walking walking around the block or two or three maybe even a couple of MILES ! !

We haven’t been walking the last few nights well MOM says it was very chilly oh come on I think that was just an excuse for MOM I have a big heavy fur coat I can handle it really I can MOM MOM, we played in the house yep tried to play hide and seek but well when its my turn MOM finds me every time ! ! ! !

sO LAST NIGHT My MOM and DAD had to go do errands and oh doodles Dad was bringing in those long LONG boxes again oh MY OH MY that can only mean one thing DAD is going to do the flooring again soooooo that MEANS MOM and I get to have our special time together again OH OH OH

I am a doodle I am a Doodle I sure like to doodle around doodle around and seeing that it is FRIDAY hmmmmmmmmm doodleing is what I like to do best !

See its Friday and last Friday when MOM came home we went for a very nice long walk and I think we can do that again today so when MOM comes home I am just going to wait and wait wag wag wag my furry tail and maybe even shake my furry butt oh yes then stomp stomp stomp my paws and shake all around that is the doodle doodle way ! ! !
So at 4:00 am I just had to wooof woooof woof, well someone was walking around outside I think it was that bunny because he has been leaving some stuff in my yard oh doodles those bunnies and I also have seen some squirrel prints in my yard too it can only mean one THING SPRING IS ALMOST here ooooo YES !!!

I wish everyone a very HAPPY FRIDAY Happy FRIDAY I just will have to contain my wiggles until later but FRIDAY ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lets give it up Up Up UP for FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY I’ll be ready for a wonderful doodley walk maybe a treat but MOM says not too many treats Ihave to lose a few pounds it’s winter weight MOM thats ALL ! ! !

Have a great doodley day

Love ya Willy BABE

FRIDAY you say hmmmm

FRIDAY you say hmmmm


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