Good Morning

Helloooo Hellloooo its me I hope you all are good hellooo Helloooooooo I know I know I didn’t go on yesterday but guess what It was a very good reason MOM went outside and I just followed her to make sure she wasn’t going to have fun

Seriously How can she go outside without me ??? I am kidding of course MOM always takes me outside when she goes out in the backyard !

OOOOooOOOO Monday night I forgot all about Monday night ohymy noodles in my brain well, MOM and I started out on our walk like we always do but she and I knew something was falling down from the sky? ! ! ha ha ha we looked at each other Mom “Willy BABe, its okay we will be fine” well we were for awile but then all of a sudden that snow started to fall and fall it was pretty yes it was but when my Fur starts to get snow on it I look like a Polar BEAR !

HA HA HA so mom calls dad just to make sure he has towels ready for me awee thanks Dad, we almost went a little longer until that snow started to hit mom in the face ouch OUCH so we went home 3 blocks early, but the Best part was that when I was outside MY little girlfriend Maisy May came by she was walking with her humans Mr O stopped by the fence woof woooof woooof Mom ignored my woofs Really MOM what if it was a bunny ! HA HA HA

BUt Mrs O came to talk to MOM then the garage goes up and Mr O takes Maisy May in our backyard AHHHHHH it was just what I needed a little run with my little friend that made me smile !!
Ooo of course my tail was waggin too !

OOOPs gotta get moving along have a wonderful doodeful day

Love ya Willy BABE

Have a Wonderful Wednesday !

Have a Wonderful Wednesday !


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