Good Morning

It’s MONDAY OH DOODLES MONDAY I can hardly wait to start my DAY OH Yes OH YES It’s Monday MONDAY MONDAY I can’t wait to start my day on this Monday MORNING !
OOOOO Wait MONDAY MONDAY oh my Doodes MONDAY M O N D A Y oh my that means MOM???? you don’t have the day off???? NO???? Well last Monday you did???

What the doodles I thought sniff sniff sniff yes I thought we were going to have another fun day just like last MODNAY sniff sniiiiiffff

OOOOOO man last Monday was a just a day off now MOM says oh doodles oh well grummmph

But over the weekend we had fun and guess what/????!?!??! MOM came right home after work on Friday and we went for a walk ! ! yep we did and it stayed light out until we got home oh Doodles hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Lighter at night we not totally but its getting there oh yes it is ! !

Then on Saturday MOM cleaned so I had to wait and wait Really MOM the sun is shinning it is beautiful outside and MOM was cleaning but ….. HA HA HA all of a sudden she says LET”S GO willyBABe

and guess what we even went over to Bells house well first MOM called to make sure Bell was home and SHE was Yipppppeeee Doodles, then we walked over to Maisy MAY she was home but ghaaaaa she just got done with her walk oh doodles next time Maisy MAY !!

OH my what a great day Plus on our walk MOSBY my big Great Dane friend was walking with his human what a day it was SMILES and Tails Waggin all around, but yesterday hardly a single pup was outside hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what the doodle was up with that ???/ OH MOM said she didn’t even know but Willy BABE w e will have fun h doodles and we did we went by a park and some kids were sliding around on ice hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm strange I thought becuase MOM always tells me to be careful on the ICE.

OH well but now MOM has to go too work off she goes in that car don’t worry MOM I’ll be right here by the window looking for your car to come on home well, of course I will nap what silly doodle thought of me NOT NAPPING come one those squirrels are all around now and the bunnies they are hopping in my backyard and oh my I have to keep a close on eye my critters !

Have a wonderful Marvelous Monday

Love ya Willy BABE

OOOOO Jack glad you got home safely from FL MOM says you have a LOT of SNOW hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what would I do with all that snow???




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