Good Morning

Happy Friday Happy Friday oh what a wonderful day fridays are wooo laaa la

Finally Mom and I went for a walk yesterday,oh my was it fun!!!!!

It’s warm and warm oh sure it was 28 and going for a walk at night was terrific the sky was cloudy and oh my It was just terrfic I was soo Doodley surprised by MOM when she came home from her class and said ARE YOU READY??

Well…… I would of been but …… Dad was eating food FOOD we are talking hmmmm Hmmmmm YUMMMMMM So I was looking at DAD I’d Look at MOM, and I think my MOM was slightly disappointed when she went upstairs to change into walking clothes and I was not waiting at the bottom of the stairs ….. Doodley Sorry MOM but…… DAD had FOOOD FOOD

She understood Totaly she got ready well she has a lot to put on during the winter time boots, snowpants hat etc. all kinds of things its okay by the time MOM was done I WAS READy did I get any FOOD????/ NAH my dad didn’t share at alll grummmmph

But I did try to get a napkin later in the evening after my walk I tried my Doodley best to sneak it off the table by the charis ha ha MOM was watching but all was good she got it before I could gobble it up.

So mom said after work she and I would go for a walk ….. because over the weekend its suppose to get brrrrrrdoodles cold h my

But heck its FRDIAY and I am waggin my Fluffy tail

Have a wonderful Fluffy Fantastic Fundoodle DAY
Love ya

Willy BABE

AHHHHH warm weather today  YIPPPPEEEE

AHHHHH warm weather today YIPPPPEEEE


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