Ahhhh it is fabulous FRIDAY today today it is FRIDAY today oh what a day

But MOM said MY nap might be interrupted today because today we get our NEW GARAGE door oh doodles

NAP MOM really she must think I nap all day long oh yes ALL day long I think she has forgotten I have a job to do during the day I count all of the bunny tracks in our yard YES I DO so then when I go out in the backyard I know exactly where to go to snifff snifff those bunnies out, but yesterday there was Rocky the squirrel in the back yard it was good to see him!

But it was raining yesterday well just sprinkling and I had to stay in so NO WALK FOR ME nah well my fur gets pretty soaked in that light rain and I think MOM just didn’t want to walk in the rain either.
OH Doodles but today tomorrow oh yes It’s okay to have one day off

OOOOPSSS gotta get going have a Friday that is FABULOUS

Love ya
Willy BABE




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