I was suppose to have my Pal Maisy come by yesterday but…… NO whinnnn whinnnn Hey Human Sister Karen Bring her over to play with me !! ! !

OOOO Doodles Mom says only a few minutes on the computer this morning so All I gotta say is
Keep on Waggin Keep on Waggin your tail Waggin your Tail Waggin your Tail Keep on waggi and have a doodledelicious day

OH OH OH MOM didnt’ slip at all on our walk a few times I hear a skid I looked at mOM she smiled ahhhhh Im good Wilson so she was ahhhhh MOM

Hey do you know that snow piles smell good ye I tired and tried to smell all that I could last night

OOOO one last thing as we were walking down our street MOM thought yes MOM DID she thought Mr. O was walking Maisy May so MOM kept telling me slow slow there is some icy spots on our road and You know If i knew for sure it was my MAIsy May I would of ran but MOM nope running, ahd

Hummmmphhhhh it was not MAISY MAY it was the other dog that barks all the time MOM and I well we just ingored that pup


“gotta get a moving along

Love ya Have a wonderful snowy day

Willy BABE

Can I have a play date soon     MOM

Can I have a play date soon


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