Well now that was a better day yesterday was !!

Yep yep MOM took me for a walk and she didn’t slip I was watching because she was walking pretty fast and Waaa la sometimes she would go OOOO
MOM what is going on then she showed me she had some some snow chains on her boots ha ha HAHHHHAAAA

so funny but it worked for my MOM but last night we had our route all planned out we got to a corner and the street light was out but MOM OH MOM wanted to go down a street that wasn’t part of our route becuase DOODLE NO which way to go !! OOOOO it all worked out MOM stopped for a minute to grab a kleenex I was watching I was watching hmmmmmm OKAY if you say so MOM we went a different way whooooosh sometimes MOMs know best

Then when we got home ahhhhhhhhhh Hey do you know what??? A lot of humans were walking last night but one guy was riding his bike with his pet strange in the winter it still was slippery outside.

OOOO and this MORNING Dad put me outside all of a sudden a see a LIGHT woof Wof WOOOOOF it was MRS B she was just saying hi to me awwwww I love when my neighbors say HI Wilson or just call my NAME

And I got a message from my cousin Maisy today she is packing her bags and coming to visit me YEA YEAH I’ll be waggin my tail waiting ooo and bring your human Karen too !!

Love ya all Have a wonderful Doodley Doodleicious DAY

Willy BABE

What a day

What a day


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