Good Morning

Might be wearing this scarf today

Might be wearing this scarf today

OH OH OH What a day yesterday was

First MOM goes to work and I am just wondering what is going on I watch her and watch her noticed she was getting on her coat but I knew it was so early I just followed her all over in the morning hopeful that maybe I was dreaming and she didn’t have to go back to work

But ohhhhh my Doodles my waggin tail knew as soon as she put on that coat that THIS was it but, I Mr. Fluffy Doodle Wilson thought hmmmm

If I can delay my MOM just by a doodle moment I would be a happy Doodle Doodle boy

So I really didn’t have to go outside but I did heee heee it worked oh of course MOM went to work but I got my MOM for a few more seconds

Then she didn’t come home until a bit later in the day and do you KNOW WHAT????

She forgot to leave a light onfor me sniiiif snifff MOM????? MOM????? oh YOU bet your fluffy tail MOM was sorry she hugged me and HUGGED me a LOT
gave me a treat a HUG oh my doodles so I thought for sure I would get a walk but NOPE NOPE

MOM and DAD had to wait for some repair guy to come and take a look at our garage oh doodles it really waS OKAY BECAUSE IT WAS LITTLE BIT TOO CHILLY FOR THIS GUY !

MOM promised tonight that we would go for our walk oh YEAH ! ! ! OH

HO OH OOOOO the Doodle life for ME IS NOT SO BAD at all

so have a wonderful doodle day

Love ya Willy Babe


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