Sniff Snifff Sniff

Monday already but, MY MOM said it is okay really okay snifff sniff sniff Mom we had so much fun this past Christmas break,

Treats , walks , meeting Yasmin, Reef, & Liz oh my doodles what fun it was to have everyone here !!

So now you have to go back to the kids I understand really I do sniff, sniff, sniff, but MOM. ……. will you miss me today????

I know I know Dad will give me treat at LUNCH time, and I know I know you are only gone for a short while, but , MOM I will not know what to do today!!

Ahhh HA I can talk to my buddies today when DAD lets me outside at LUNCH time yes that is w hat I’ll do ahhhhhh

So Saturday MOM took me to the Park, see on Friday when we were walking someone DIDN”T clear the ice from a sidewalk and MOM slipped and fell, OUCH OUCH< she is okay its just on Saturday she didn't think she should walk so we went to the park YIpppppeeee oh what fun it was to go to the park !!

I met some new pups, oh yes I was a little bit naughty well…… my furry paw well Yeah I was bad but oh doodles I have no excuses NOPE but I had fun I ran and ran and ran some more even MOM was able to walk with an old College buddy whatever MOM, but this person told mom about these little chains you can put on your boots for walking .

Of course MOM brought some and when we walked yesterday she didn't slip at all YEAHHHHHHH

MOM is silly but anyway it's MONDAY so ON Monday I will just be here waiting for my MOM to come home from School.

Have a wonderful doodlifun day today MOM

Love Ya Willy BABE I'll be waiting for you          MOM


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