Good Morning

OH OH OH what I love the bestest about mom being on vacation well let me tell you about MY MOM

she has smiles all the time Let me tell you what we like to do we like to play and play and play let me tell you about my MOM, I also get some very delicious treats oh oh oh

Did you know we got a whole bunch of snow yesterday oh my YES we did I’ll have my mom post some pictures later on today but oh my Dad shoveled yesterday and I also have the bestest Dad too he made a path for me so I could go outside and do will you know what I have to do outside, So I ran and ran just a little bit, do you know that running in a foot of snow is very hard work for me? Well it is. So I just waited a bit, then MOM and I went out together oh yep she had me running and running ha ha ha

Oh what fun it is to run in the deep deep snow. I just loved it ! ! ! then all of a sudden wooof wooof ruf ruf where was all my pals/??? hmmmmm MOM even was wondering too ! oh my doodles it was fun Mom shoveled by the gate so Maybe this afternoon Mocha can come on over, so as I was sniffing by the fence yes another dog was in the area and right next door to me !! Who was it NOT sure at all I looked and then I saw mom got PLOP PLOP in the SNOW I gallopped over MOM was making a snow angel ! ! ! ! !

He Heeee I was going to try a Doodle angel but just didn’t know how that was done so I just laid down oh and guess what MOM has to put that Musher wax on my paws well that deep deep DEEP snow I get snow in between my paw pads oh dooodles thats ok

BUt, when MOM said let go for a walk I saw MY MOM as sneeaky as she thought she was getting that wax out seee I am not a real big fan of that wax so I tried to hide from MOM, but . ….. She said I”M going okay MOM I’ll put some wax on so I did .

Our walk yesterday afternoon took longer because MOM slipped a few times so I had to be careful but when we hit a clear patch whooosh away we went walking very fast

So today My mom as a few errands to do then AHHHH its me and MOM time I like vacations

Have a wonderful Doodley kind of day

Love ya Willy BABE

So Happy To have snow now

So Happy To have snow now


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