OH MY DOODLE OH MY DOODLE why was mom up so early today OH MY OH MY I think I know why but . …….. I can’t say !

OH sure I can she was making those mud paddies for the Holiday there is no place like HOME ! !

Woof Wkooof W oof Wooof Woof Wooof Wof Wof Wofff woof come on pups Let s sing along sing along sing sing sing

HA HA HA I know I am just all over the place today well this morning, yesterday MOM rushed in again into the house then rushed outside DAD came home and was busy, HUMMMMPH NO TTIME for me What the doodles come on HUMANS whats going ON ???

OOOOoooOOo I know MOM and DAD are getting ready for you know who to be coming down chimminey HO HO HO DO you KNOW HO HO HO Do YOU KNOW Santa Doodle is coming to town he watches me in the backyard so I better stop Ruffing Rufffing at night because SAnta doodle is coming to TOWN>


so this morning MOM got up early and I was just a snuggling on the coach Dad was up reading the paper and MY Doodle RADAR for MOM was not up yet but all of sudden I hear “HI WILLY BABE” MOM MOM why what Why OH MY I quickly got up and gave my mom a smile !!

Then mom got busy in the kitchen oh my HOW I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS TO BE HOME SWEET HIOME

OH my I am just all over the place today I hope my doodleness doesn’t get me into trouble today

Have a wonderful doodley DAy

Love ya Willy BABE




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