Good Morning

Santa Doodle is coming soon

Santa Doodle is coming soon

I want to tell you some of my favorite things

When its raining when its pouring and I am not wagging my tail I simply remember my favorite Doodle things and then I start to wag MY TAIL>

Doodle lashes that are so very long, make me the cutest doodle ever, Doodle lashes, fluffy tail, these are some of my favorite things that I like to think of.

When those rain drops hit my furry tail I simply swish them away and then I am all soooo fluffy. Those rain drops make me sleepy but my MOM says lets goooo I know we might not be able to walk but MOM makes it all better

Doodle lashes fluffy tail, and my big bright smile these are a few of my Doodlest thingsssssssss that I so love being a DOODLE

So this weekend was fun MOM and And DAD went away for a night and I GOT TO GO see some friends I had fun was a little sad when MOM and DAD dropped me off but, I sure did give them a big HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you came back for me when the got me yesterday OOOOoooOOOO I jumped up on MOMs shoulders and ran in a circle let’s go lets GO


cUZ Santa doodle is coming to town And santa Doodle I have been very very good Santa Doodle I will not even try to get anything I am not suppose to like that bunnny that keeps running through my yard OH doodles he is a silly bunny I chase him but I just can’t seem to catch him.

OOOO doodles thats okay

Soo Doodle lashes that are long I like to blink my eyes so that everyone seeeessss my lashes

Ha ha ha ha

have a Wonderful Doodley DAY

Love Willy BABE


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