Oh My Doodles this is strange normally MOM does not let me on Monday mornings hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder wonder what is she doing???

Well I must say she has been very suspicious lately yes Like going shopping and not taking me with YES then she is not even going to my favorite store ! !

And I have been practing my Christmas Doodle songs in fact when MOM was putting stuff outside I was humming right along with my MOM

Here is just a little tune OOOOO LLLLLAAAAA just warming up my doodle chords

OOOO the weather outside is perfect so lets get together I just want to Play so come on Dad come on DAD come and play with me, we can kick that soccer ball , and I’ll run and run and run, I’ll even bring that soccer ball back to you if you just come and play along !
OOOo doodle Bells Doodle Bells doodly all day long I like to rest my doodle nose in the snow all day

OH My well, that doesn’t rhyme very well, oh gheez and I thought I had it OH MY DOODLES I know it is just way too early in the morning to be singing OH sure it is

doodle bells doodle bells doodle like to sing I will practice all day long so tomorrow I’ll be in tune

I hope you all had a wonderful doodley kind of a weekend MOM and I did we took some very nice long walks and played expect I just didn’t get to go too my favorite store oh doodles there is always tomorrow Tomorrow the sun will come out tomorrow ! ! ! !

Have a wonderful Marvelous MONDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

That little man is back again

That little man is back again


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