Happy Friday

OH OH OH Happy Friday Happy Friday I am so glad its FRDIAY OH what I week I have had lots of snuggles were my way

OOOOOoooooOOOOOO Happy Friday Happy Friday Lets all scream YEAH IT IS FRIDAY OH my OH MY Mom is as happy as can be !

This morning we got out in the backyard and MOM threw my ball oh what fun it is to play on a crisp Friday MORNIG !!

Plus last night as we walked the stars were out and I got to walk and sniff and look at houses decorated with all kinds of lights OH what fun it is to walk at night with MOM ! ! ! ! !

But, I sure wish my treat guy would be out at night but NOPE he is not and can you believe we were almost the only ones walking hmmmmmmmmm Mom said there was a foot ball game on so we had the WHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE neighborhood to ourselves we could of walked on the street but that would not of been safe to do !

I wish I wish for another Doodle Another DOODLE another DOODLE I wish I wish for another Doodle come too play with me ! ! !

Fluffy Friday Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Last night as we were walking on down our street Miss Maisy MAY was barking at us MOM said “Maisy its us ” then I could see she smiled and was happy she just wants to get together soon MOM told me we would ! ! ! !! Yea Not sure when but we will

OOOOOssss Time flies when you do extra stuff on a Friday MORNING

You better watch out you better keep that fluffy tail waggin Santa Doodle Might be coming to town ! ! ! ! He sees you when your wagging he knows if your chasing squirrels he knows if you been counter surfing (I don’t do that ) so YOU BETTER BE GOOD

Love ya

Willy BABE

I promise to be good Santa Doodle

I promise to be good Santa Doodle


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