Ready now 1 2 3 OH The weather outside is doodley delightful for no snowflakes for falling because if they were to fall, I would get I would get those snowballs on my Furrrrrrr !! And we all no that it is to get off but MOM has a way Mom has a way to get them off of my fur ! ! No its not very delightful when I get those snowballs but I like to have I Like to have I LIKE TO HAVE FUN IN the SNOWWWWWW

OOOOOO doodles I think IM ready for some fun ready ready for some snow FUN ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey so how do you like my new song???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I rather love it I was thinking of it all day and then this MORNING wAaaaa LA I sang it to my my MOM and she just smiled and smiled at me ! Mom was going to record my voice but she just wasn’t in time to get the recording done ! ! Gotta be fast when your dealing with a doodle.

OOOOo ON the first day of Christmas oooo Wait I have to Wait yes I have been snooping around at all of the favorite hiding places I knowm mom likes but NOPE nothing at all Well of course I know Santa Doodle delivers my stuff but I think St. Nick night is soon so I am going to put out my Santa Stocking soon.

Jingle Doodle Jingle Doodle it is time for me to go I have fun oh yes I do But I really hope MOM gives me a walk today Jingle Doodle Jingle Doodle Dooodles all the Way OH what Doodly fun it is to play when MY humans are around.

Have a wonderful day

Love ya Willy BABE

I know it will soon snow  I just know it

I know it will soon snow I just know it


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