Good Morning

Well oh Well it is December oh Well OH WELL WELL ! ! !

OH my doodles I seriously thought I would have enough time to go on yesterday but oh oh doodles you know how Mondays are they are very veryyyyyyy slowwwwwwwwwwwww HA HA HA but I had the most wonderful weekend of all, my cousin Maisy and I just played and Played ran and ran wrestled oh doodles it was so much fun ! my two humans were home and I got hugs and snuggles PLUS PLUS

On Saturday Morning my HUMAN brother Robert well ….. at breakfast time he snuck me some BACON OH YES he did MOM saw and gave that EYE look but I got a little bit more oh doodles doodles it was fun Then of course on Thursday we ate early and I got some other stuff too Espeically when my HUMANS wanted to take a “SELFIE” I tried to put my face right by MOM ‘s plate but I stopped when she said my NAME very VERY LOUDLY

I’ll have to upload some pictures maybe later and Mom also has to get my picture taken for the doodle Christmas cards oh what fun it is to smile and get whatever you want HEY!

Then My MOM and Karen went away for a few days we could not go but that was okay because Maisy and I became the best of buddies well we are anyway I even snuggled a bit on the coach with Maisy ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

So yesterday all day long I just doodle nap yes It is tiring sometimes being a doodle but I love it !

Now for what everyone is waiting for CHRISTMAS SONGS doodle STYLE

OOOOooooOOOO Doodle Bells Doodle Bells Doodley all day long Oh what fun it is to be A Doodle Waggin my tail all day long ! DoodleBells Doodle Bells Doodleing all day long I would love to make my list so Santa Doodle can check that I am a good Doodle.

have a wonderful December kind of day
Love ay Willy BABE

I'm dreaming .....

I’m dreaming …..


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