Good Morning

hi HI HI

Yep I am ready for this short week oh yes I AM OOOO Mom has the turkey in the Fridge, she has an apple pie in there too, My cousin Maisy is coming also I wonder if we will be able to sneak a piece of pie, hmmmmmm Mom and my human sister Karen always put it up high so we don’t get it oH YES we still have that bad reputation of taking some pie, I doodley did try to stop my cousin but ….. who can resist PIE

So cold in the air is biting but walking with MOM is exciting we have so many things to do but lets go for a walk LETS go for a walk let’s go for a walk first. MOM needs that walk first because she can get hyper like this weekend for instance she put out some lights OH OHOH

I forgot to tell you that Squirrel ha ha ha so when I got back from the groomer MOM had my Doodle friend outside he doesn’t do much I have tried I did the dance and everything NOTHING FROM THAT GUY AT ALL.

So I looked around the backyard MOM also put up the snowman that lights up oh doodles DOODLES Mom did that all by herself with out me grummph

OOOOO also on Saturday I skyped with this really cute human little one he just smiled I loved that he is a cutie his name TEDDY BEAR

“so on sunday mom and I took a very long walk and last night we did too

It must be getting time for CHRISTMAS people have lights up and MOM well MOM is starting to sing I think MOM and I should sing on one of our walks at night DOOOD DOOO doooo Doodle I am clearing my Voice.

OOOO my Human Brother might come home tonight too YES I haven’t seen him in a bit I can’t wait lots of head scratches coming my way

OOOOO the weather outside is cool but MOM likes it that way so ALL i have to do Is WAG my tail WAG my tail and I get my way, Like last night mom was doing the dishes and she SAID 10 minutes well I know sometimes 10 minutes last longer so I just kept an eye on MOM just to make sure she didn’t do anything else I followed her everywhere YES I wanted my WALK I just wanted to go NOW

Have a great TUESDAY

Love ya Willy BABE




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