I just didn’t think MOM would get off the computer Gheeezzzzzz

She was busy typing a note to my Aunt Joann, Mom could of done it last night but NOOOOooooOOOOO thats okay it is doodley what it is

FRIDAY FRIDAY Awesome Day Awesome day

Can you believe this one MOM and DAD went to go shopping last night and I could not go with YES It seems that MOM got some Football apparel last night so DAD needed some tooo OH MY DOODLES MY HUMANS are so funny Come on you guys what is more important me or shopping !

Friday Friday oh How I love this Day the sun is shinning the wind not so much blowing how I love this day ! OOOOO when MOM came home I was so happy I quickly grabbed my Blue squeeky ball and she played with me a couple of throws in the house oh my Doodles it was FUN ha ha ha ! ! I did think we were going to go for our walk by MOM said that wind would of KNOCKED her over, Seriously MOM I am a good anchor oh Doodles it was fine.

Then this morning when I came in my Breakfast was not in my BOWL yeah What was up with that the other day it was but NOT TODAY and MOM laughed at that Seriuosly she did

I think I have lost some doodle control lol lol

OOOO what fun FriDAY is I just can’t wait to play ! !


Can you see me NOW???

Can you see me NOW???


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