Good Morning

Good Morning Good Morning It is a wonderful day Good Morning Goood Morning How do you do and do and do ?

I know it is sort of dark outside right now but I am very doodley sure it will brighten up soon ! !

Last night was just a cool calm night well. seee you know all those bunnies I like to chase in my backyard, well, . …. I keep telling mom they should not be in my yard !

Well…….. as MOM went upstairs she found something well. …. I got sick and It was from the bunny turds I am okay

Bunnies I am watching

Bunnies I am watching

feeling oh so much better, Mom is going to make sure and I don’t know how but to try to keep those bunnies away from me.

Heeee Heeeee I am not sure how she will do that one !

No walk for me last night but maybe tonight I can get Dad to give me a walk Mom has some conferences so she is staying at work just alittle bit late.

I hope not too Late because I want to make sure I get some snuggles in with my MOM !

Hey have a doodley terrfic day

Love ya Willy BABE


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