Good Morning

Whooooosh Wooooosh oh my doodles my tree branches were swaying and swaying oh my DOODLES

MOM saYS NO WALK LAST NIGHT i was okay with that just think I could of been picked up by that Whoooooosh Whooooosh of the wind and who knows where I would of landed I could of been like Toto in the OZ but only I would Willy BABE of GreenBAY ha ha ha

So this morning when we looked outside a lot I mean a lot of my branches are down soooooo I guess I will just have chew them up if IF only MOM would let me be outside all day Long Come on ALL day long would be fun expect Mom says I would most likley get a big BIG doodle tummy ache, and we all know that would not be good at ALL! !

What is a doodle to do today Today TODAY what am I suppose to do today mom if I can’t go outside “Mom says, well I hope it will stop raining ” but Mr. Wilson Doodlebug here thinks it might rain all day LONG then the wind oh my Doodles it’s good that my ears can flap in the WIND and I can FLY FLY FLY AWAY Away I can Fly away just like the wind mmmmmmmmmmmmm

but now I know why oh why Mom and I went on a long walk Tuesday night yep plus that night there were a lot of humans out with the pups mmmmmm do you think the humans sometimes know about the weather before us NAH NAH I don’t think so because we have a WOOF WOOOF network so we know ha ha hga

Well I must be doodleing along singing my song all day LONG

Love ya Willy BABE

Just thinking about what we can do tonight

Just thinking about what we can do tonight


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