Well this has to be rather quick,

Mom gave me a fabulous walk on Friday after school I

Do I look Like I can get away with ALOT ! !  !

Do I look Like I can get away with ALOT ! ! !

loved it yep she is FEELING way better then before ! ! ! !

So my Humans went out for dinner on Friday night, hmmmmmmm I thought I can have a party well, earlier in the morning we pups were ruffing ruff ruff in the morning and even in the evening just a bit, so as soon as I found out the humans were heading out I looked at my MOM ahhhhhh MOM I have to go out heee heee, and so I did.

Oh doodles did we have fun romping in the backyard then I had the pups come in and Play in my house OOOOpss “What do I hear” ahhhh pups shhhhhhh! ! !

I looked out the Window then quickly looked at my pals guys we gotta 30 seconds to clean and you have to leave Whooosh did we work fast to clean!!

But, Mom said to me “Wilson what was going on” You looked pretty guilty looking out the window when we pulled up”

Nothing MOM Nothing at ALL

Heeee Heeeeee

Oh its great to be a Doodle all you have to do is SMILE !

Smile a little SMile for me Please Doodle kids thats all I want is a SMILE ahhhhhhhhh
A smile goes a long way in my world

have a Marvelous MONDAY

Love ya Willy BABE


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